Pasta Business Doing Well

Hi guys, guess whose a full fledged caterer now? My pasta business was something that I do on the side to give me a second income. I never considered it as something that will actually make me a lot of money. Well now the day has come that made my pasta business my main source […]

The Next Level

This has been an amazing couple of weeks. I finally saved enough from my pasta business to buy Puck an elliptical for his birthday. Of course not all my profits went to his gift, I saved quite enough for myself.   I ordered the machine online and told them that it should be delivered on […]

Keep ‘em Coming

Hello blog, it’s been a while since I’ve posted something here! I’ve been very very very busy over the past how many? Two or three weeks? Well, things got crazy after my first cooking stint hahaha!   After Laurice, I have been receiving a lot of calls about my pasta. Mostly, my friends or co-workers […]

Cooking for Profit

Thank God that Puck told me weeks ago to continue my cooking habit since now I cook for profit. Laurice, one of my fellow nurses at the hospital called and asked about my cooking. She asked me if I could cater up to 20-30 people for her son’s simple birthday party. I was shocked at […]

New Found Toy

I’ve been noticing this for a while now. Ever since we started working out, Puck is always fascinated with a certain piece of equipment at the gym. This device looks like a bicycle with long arms vertically positioned. I asked our instructor what the device was called, “It’s an elliptical” he said.   Puck would […]

Puck to the Rescue

I have been telling Puck about my plans about making cooking take the back seat for while. He was shocked. He didn’t agree to this. In fact he even told me to keep on cooking even for just once a week, just keep things in perspective. You see, Puck is also an artist. Actually he […]

Passion Out the Window?

It has been a week since we set foot in the gym. I must admit I miss it, not for Puck though. He returned to the gym three days later. Apparently he likes it more than I do. After a few weeks of going to the gym, I had this feeling that I keep on […]

Tiresome Act

OUCCH!! My muscles are aching! Darn! Working everyday is too much. For sure, Puck is experiencing the same thing I am. His arms and legs are aching from too much jogging and weight lifting. I even took a day of work just to regain my strength and maybe a week off from gym. I better […]

Gym Buddies

Lucky me, I found a gym buddy, Puck, who’s also a nurse on the south wing of our hospital. I heard he was having weight problems too, although his not that fat. Maybe, he’s just vain. So, I called him and ask if he was interested to go to gym with me after work. Thank […]

Much Ado about Losing Weight

It’s a new year and it’s time to start the new healthy lifestyle! Yes, I decided to enroll myself at the gym. I am off to find the perfect gym and hopefully, a gym buddy so that the whole experience would be fun than rather that of a burden!

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