Can Christmas Come Sooner?

What I love most about Christmas is that it’s the season of gift giving. Hence, I’m hoping that if I put up my Christmas wish list now, every single one of them will be given to me. (To all my loves, yes, I’m talking to you so read up!) The following may not be that […]

Food Blogger I am Not

For some reason, I can never figure out how to manipulate a camera so even though people keep telling me that I should become a food blogger, I just can’t. I blog but I can’t take good pictures. Believe me, I’ve tried and I don’t have the patience for it. My ego’s getting bruised whenever I […]

Recipe: Easy Ziti

Every person who loves to cook most probably loves stalking Food Network’s website too. I, for one, am very much guilty of this. When I used to be starting especially, I’d be browsing through their thousands of recipes and improvise at home. Here is a favorite recipe of mine, one that I enjoy preparing for family […]

Blogging as a Hobby

Guess who’s back? Now that my pasta business is doing really well, I thought I could start blogging again. You know what they say, “all work and no play makes Rose a dull girl”. So yeah, here I am! Two years ago, I was too hard on myself. I thought having a blog required me […]

Pasta Business Doing Well

Hi guys, guess whose a full fledged caterer now? My pasta business was something that I do on the side to give me a second income. I never considered it as something that will actually make me a lot of money. Well now the day has come that made my pasta business my main source […]

The Next Level

This has been an amazing couple of weeks. I finally saved enough from my pasta business to buy Puck an elliptical for his birthday. Of course not all my profits went to his gift, I saved quite enough for myself.   I ordered the machine online and told them that it should be delivered on […]

Keep ‘em Coming

Hello blog, it’s been a while since I’ve posted something here! I’ve been very very very busy over the past how many? Two or three weeks? Well, things got crazy after my first cooking stint hahaha!   After Laurice, I have been receiving a lot of calls about my pasta. Mostly, my friends or co-workers […]

Cooking for Profit

Thank God that Puck told me weeks ago to continue my cooking habit since now I cook for profit. Laurice, one of my fellow nurses at the hospital called and asked about my cooking. She asked me if I could cater up to 20-30 people for her son’s simple birthday party. I was shocked at […]

New Found Toy

I’ve been noticing this for a while now. Ever since we started working out, Puck is always fascinated with a certain piece of equipment at the gym. This device looks like a bicycle with long arms vertically positioned. I asked our instructor what the device was called, “It’s an elliptical” he said.   Puck would […]

Puck to the Rescue

I have been telling Puck about my plans about making cooking take the back seat for while. He was shocked. He didn’t agree to this. In fact he even told me to keep on cooking even for just once a week, just keep things in perspective. You see, Puck is also an artist. Actually he […]

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